Wednesday’s violent insurrection at the Capitol was unprecedented and like many, we’re still processing the far-reaching implications. OpenOakland unequivocally condemns the actions of those who’ve attempted to undermine our democracy, including those who are sworn to protect it but failed to act to prevent and even incited Wednesday’s violent attack. We’re outraged by apparent law enforcement’s double standard used to manage crowds of different colors, and we join the call for a reckoning in the way justice is served for our Black, brown, and Indigenous compatriots across our institutions.

OpenOakland believes in an open, just government for all. The President’s actions and those of his supporters have directly undermined that and we call for full accountability and prosecution under the law. Our government serves the people, not reckless mobs, and it’s up to us—as individuals within the organizations and institutions we build—to hold it accountable. As such, we here at OpenOakland will continue to focus on giving Oaklanders a stronger voice in their local government through transparency, access, and accountability.

Read Code for America’s statement on Wednesday’s events.