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OpenOakland is a volunteer collective of data geeks, advocates, technologists, designers, policy makers, residents, researchers, thinkers and doers who bridge community and technology for a thriving and equitable Oakland.

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May 20th, 2022
Aqua-colored illustration of a circular radar map with several green dots and a yellow signal beam, followed by the words 'Learning in public...'.

RADAR Program Exploration: Learnings from a Discovery Phase

Last year, several OpenOakland members kicked off a discovery phase for a potential service delivery program to serve local nonprofits. We were looking for ways to reduce project overhead while centering the specific needs of local community groups. Inspired by BetaNYC’s Research and Data Assistance Request (RADAR) initiative, we wondered if something similar might work here in Oakland. Despite wrapping up our discovery phase early due to pandemic life, we wanted to capture our initial learnings...

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May 17th, 2022
Illustration of a voting button in primary colors.

Restructuring OpenOakland

As of May 17, membership unanimously voted yes to empower the Steering Committee to enter Lean Ops mode and focus on restructuring the brigade for greater inclusiveness. Our Lean Ops (lean operations) mode is intended to strip operational tasks down to the very barebones needed to accomplish two core goals...

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