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OpenOakland is a volunteer collective of data geeks, advocates, technologists, designers, policy makers, residents, researchers, thinkers and doers who bridge community and technology for a thriving and equitable Oakland.

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May 9th, 2022
Bright pink, red, orange and yellow illustration of a hand placing a vote in a ballot box.

Open through 5/17: Special Member-wide Leadership Vote

Per our bylaws, we are committed to a democratically-controlled brigade that ensures all members have a direct voice in how we operate. With no elected leadership currently on the Steering Committee, this vote offers members a voice in our next steps...

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Apr 3rd, 2022
Volunteers sit in chairs in a semi-circle in a room in City Hall

Leadership Transition Status: March Steering Committee Recap

OpenOakland is unable to hold an election for brigade leadership, per our bylaws, due to a lack of leadership nominees. The Steering Committee has been working on a contingency plan to address short-term operational needs and long-term structural improvements. We will be putting these to a member-wide vote in the coming weeks...

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