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We welcome folks of all skill levels and disciplines. Normally, we meet in Oakland City Hall (directions) but we’re fully remote during the pandemic. If you need accessibility assistance, please email steering@openoakland.org.

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Upcoming events

The first Tuesday of each month is Demo Night, when you can see the latest updates from active projects. The third Tuesday of each of month is Steering Committee, which everyone is welcome to join.

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OpenOakland Voices

We love having folks from the community share the work they’re doing and exploring how OpenOakland might support and amplify those efforts. Want to be part of OpenOakland Voices? Submit your idea.

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OpenOakland Voices: Tracking Local Legislation

with Jackson Brown of the Council Data Project

Jackson shares the Council Data Project's approach to making city councils more accessible to the public, tracking legislative action, improving inclusion through machine learning and other challenges.

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OpenOakland Voices: Delivering Services to Oakland's Unhoused Communities

with Code for America Oakland Community Fellows Adorable Jasmine, Amee Covarrubias and Tori Howard

The Code for America Oakland Community Fellows discuss their work with the city designing an app to help front-line workers connect Oakland's unhoused communities with the services they need, how the South African Zulu principle of Ubuntu fuels their design work, the challenges of government platform constraints, and so much more.

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OpenOakland Voices: Oakland's Equity Analysis Framework

with Darlene Flynn, Director of Race & Equity, City of Oakland

Darlene shares her work on the city's Equity Analysis framework, followed by a Q&A and member discussion about how to apply these principles to our work.

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Latest Demo Night

OpenOakland project teams share brief progress updates on the first Tuesday of each month.

National Day of Civic Hacking

A Code for America-sponsored event, National Day of Civic Hacking is an opportunity to come together as a brigade network, focus our efforts, provide dedicated resources to volunteers, amplify actions across the country and leverage the collective power of Code for America’s resources.

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Alameda County Ballot Drop-off & OpenOakland access

National Day of Civic Hacking 2020

OpenOakland and area brigade members focused on access this year, documenting drop-off voting locations across Alameda County and making openoakland.org more accessible to those interested in engaging with our brigade.

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Civic Action for Justice

National Day of Civic Hacking 2019

Oaklanders of all stripes joined OpenOakland and the Code for America brigade network to help improve the experience of those impacted directly by the criminal justice system. We conducted usability reviews of Alameda County's and California's records clearance process and developed Know Your Rights guides.

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National Day of Service

OpenOakland has participated in National Day of Service by hosting a space for developers, designers, advocates, and community organizers to join forces to address important community needs that impact Oakland residents.

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Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

OpenOakland Day of Service 2019

Oakland residents, students, community leaders, city staff, artists, developers and designers, and journalists spent the day tackling our partners' tech challenges through collaboration and service delivery.

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Open Data Day

Open Data Day is an opportunity for Oaklanders to learn about and work with data to benefit their local community.

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Public Record Requests as Open Data

National Open Data Day 2019

Our panel discusses how to file a data request in California and Oakland, and the Sunshine laws that govern requests and data retention.

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