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OpenOakland is unable to hold an election for 2022 brigade leadership due to a lack of nominees/volunteers. Given this, the Steering Committee is currently comprised of all active project leads, without any representation elected by membership. Per our bylaws, we are committed to a democratically-controlled brigade that ensures all members have a direct voice in how we operate. More details are available in our March Steering Committee Recap.

This vote would empower the current Steering Committee to:

  • Maintain brigade status with Code for America in the absence of elected member representation.
  • Revise the bylaws with the aim of improving participation and more diverse representation.
  • Host events and meetings to serve the above purposes.

Place your vote before May 17

Voting is open to all OpenOakland attendees and contributors within the past year. Steering Committee members are not eligible to vote. Voting closes at 6pm PT on Tuesday, May 17.